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Parliament Begins Work of Fourth Session of NA Eighth Convocation
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On September 12, the work of the fourth session of the NA eighth convocation has begun under the sounds of the RA Anthem. The parliament approved the draft agendas of the session and the regular sittings to be convened on September 12. Some bills will be debated with a special procedure: their debate in the second reading will be held after their adoption in the first reading within twenty-four hours.

The NA Armenia and With Honour Factions do not participate in the sitting.

Fair Distribution System of Fines to Be Applied to Filling Stations in Fuel Market
The object of the regulation of the legislative initiative is the application of a fair distribution system of fines to filling stations in the fuel market. A fine will be set for the addresses of the organization that have committed the given violation, protecting the rights of consumers: the deput...

Inspection Body May Not Comply with Three-day Notice Requirement If Only Hidden Labor is Discovered
The RA Health and Labor Inspection body must inform the inspected economic entity about the scheduled inspection. This makes inspections predictable for the inspected economic entity, he/she becomes more protected. The inspection body also carries out an inspection of the legitimacy of the employmen...

Initiative is Expected to Regulate Circulation of Weapons and Ammunition, to Introduce Culture of Weapons Handling
The law on Weapons was adopted in 1998 in the Republic of Armenia. Apart from providing the privilege to certain state bodies to acquire service weapons, it has never undergone substantive changes since its adoption. The parliament debated in the first reading the draft law on Regulation of the Circ...

Proposed Addendum to Law on Medical Aid and Service for Population Debated
The draft proposes to clearly state that the written consent is a necessary condition for medical intervention for the cases determined by the authorized body in order to exclude interpretations, legal uncertainties and contradictions existing in the law on Medical Aid and Service for Population. Th...

Ministries to Monitor and Evaluate Government’s Policy in Defined Spheres
The executive body proposes an addendum to the Law on Structure and Activities of Government. The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Yeranuhi Tumanyants presented the main regulations at the NA sitting on September 12. The current law authorizes the Ministries to develop and implement the Government’s po...

According to Proposed Addendum, Responsibility to Be Established for Not Carrying Out Monitoring in Landfill Site in Accordance with Procedure Established by Government
A responsibility is established to carry out monitoring in landfills in order to prevent the harmful effects of landfills on the environment in the RA. The proposed addendum establishes a responsibility for not carrying out monitoring in landfill sites in accordance with the procedure of the Governm...

Compulsory or Forced Labour Term to Be Set
The Government proposes to stipulate in the RA Labour Code what is the compulsory or forced labour. It is set in the Labour Code that the compulsory or forced labor is banned. The compulsory or forced labor is considered by the proposing amendment any labor or service done by the use of any form of ...

It is Proposed to Create Legal Basis for Anti-Corruption Committee to Have Deposit Account Later On
As the RA Deputy Minister of Justice Yeranuhi Tumanyants informed, the draft law on Making Addenda and Amendments to the law on Anti-Corruption Committee proposes to create legal basis for the Anti-Corruption Committee to have deposit account afterwards, as well as in the cases of terminating the au...

After Building Individual Residential House, Those Who Want to Sell It Within 2 Years to Be Exempted from 20 Percent Income Tax
After building an individual residential house, the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, who want to sell it within two years, should pay 20% income tax. The deputies of the NA Civil Contract Faction Gevorg Papoyan and Alkhas Ghazaryan propose to remove the current provision from the law, amending t...

Agreements Regulating Tax Legislation Debated
The agreement on Accruing and Distributing the Sums of Importing Customs Duties (adequate to other duties, taxes and payments), on Holding Joint Control Measures Directed to the Issues of Preserving Order of Transferring to the Budget of the Eurasian Economic Union Member States Will Regulate the Co...

Bodies Implementing Control towards Product with Geographical Indication and Scopes of Their Activities to Be Specified with Proposing Amendments
The relations connected with the geographical indications, places of origin and the legal protection and use of the registration of the guaranteed traditional product are regulated by the law in force on Geographical Indications. The law was elaborated on the basis of the regulations adopted by the ...

It is Proposed to Set Fivefold Duty of Base Duty for Plant Material Certification
It was proposed to set fivefold duty of the base duty by the draft law for certification, 5000 AMD: the RA Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan said, presenting the amendment and addendum being proposed to the law on State Duty.The draft law on Making Addendum and Amendment to the law on State Duty au...

According to Initiative, Development, Approval and Cancellation of Technical Conditions Reserved to Legal Entity and Individual Entrepreneur
“The legal bases of standardization activities in Armenia and the powers of its participants, as well as the principles of development and application of normative documents on standardization, are regulated by the RA Law on Standardization. Taking into account new developments of the sphere, as wel...

With Adoption of Draft, Balanced Competitive Situation in Cement Market to Be Restored, Preventing Further Market Concentration
It is proposed to reduce the current state duty of 14.000 AMD on cement imported into Armenia to 9.000 AMD, and remove the duty of 2.000 AMD on clinker – the cement raw material. The deputy...

Government Initiates Steps Directed to Improving the Whistleblowing System
The amendments being proposed to the law on Whistleblowing System and a number of other laws are conditioned by the necessity of the development and upgrading of the whistleblowing system and the implementation of the assumed international obligations. At September 12 NA sitting the RA Deputy Minist...

Legislative Initiative Aimed at Modernization of State Administration System
The Loan Agreement on State Sector Modernization Project 4 signed between the Republic of Armenia and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development is 26 mln 500 thousand EUR. The Government considered it expedient to design and implement the State Sector Modernization Project 4 with the...

Business Environment to Be Improved by Adoption of Draft
As the Deputy Minister of Finance Arman Poghosyan has informed, as a result of the adoption of the draft law on Making Addendum to the RA Tax Code it is expected to give an opportunity to the profit tax payers to decrease the spoiled goods obtained for the purpose of commercial (buy and sell) activi...

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