An Attempt is Made with Legislative Package to Restore the Environment of Trust between the Consumers and Entities: Gegham Gevorgyan
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The package of draft laws on Making Addenda to the law on Trade and Services is directed to raising the level of the consumer’s protection of rights and interests related to the implementation of actions by the salesperson or the one rendering service and the regulation of the organization process in the sphere of trade and services.

At July 4 extraordinary sitting of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, the Chairman of the RA Competition Protection Commission Gegham Gevorgyan presented for debate in the first reading the package of the abovementioned drafts.

It was noted that at present problems are noticed in the actions implementing actions conditioned by the absence of the legislative regulations on the action, and in their conditions during the marketing events being carried out by the salespersons and the rendering services supposed manifestations of delusion to the society are seen, and the adoption of the package of drafts is conditioned by that.

As Gegham Gevorgyan has assured, the actions, the discounts and other marketing activity measures have great social role in the implementation process of trade and services, which give opportunity to the consumers (buyers) to obtain goods or services with more attractive and beneficiary conditions.

According to the Chairman of the RA Competition Protection Commission, the adoption of the drafts expects that the action notion and kinds, the discount notion and the conditions of use, including the term restriction, the demands being presented to other events not related to the price change of rendering service and the conditions of use, the demands being presented to the awareness on action, the publication of information, its termination conditions, the content of ‘discount’ in the sense of tax legislation will be regulated.

The key rapporteur informed that proposals were presented by the NA Staff, and part of them were accepted.

The deputies’ questions were mainly related to the notion of discount, the use of the discounts and the protection of the consumers’ interests.

The Chairman of the RA Competition Protection Commission Gegham Gevorgyan has noted that their goal is the restoration of the atmosphere of trust between the consumers and entities.

As a result of debate, the Committee members endorsed the package of drafts.