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Government Proposes to Reduce Debate Term of Receiving Citizenship
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At October 26 NA sitting the draft law on Making Addenda and Amendments to the Law on the RA Citizenship authored by the Government was debated in the first reading.

According to the Deputy Head of the RA Police Ara Fidanyan, the draft law was worked to solve the practical problems caused during the use of the law, to decently provide the obligations assumed by the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, as well as to more simplify the administration during the solution of the citizenship issues.

It is proposed to submit an application on recognition of the RA citizenship for the Armenians permanently residing in the RA and the citizens of the former USSR other republics for extending the term established by law until 31 December 2023.

For the first time an opportunity is designed to receive the RA citizen’s passport in the RA Embassies and consular institutions. The relations related to the suspension of the children’s citizenship, the procedure of suing on suing the citizenship in the event of obtaining citizenship on the basis of false documents or false data, as well as the regulations on the citizenship suspension. The draft law reduces the debate term of the applications for receiving citizenship, instead of 6 months setting 90 working days.

The rapporteur answered to the MPs’ questions, which referred to depriving citizenship the persons on the basis of not having command of the Armenian language, the necessary of having of the Armenian language after granting the RA citizenship, the opportunities of residing in the RA for the foreign citizens and the procedures of refusing the citizenship.

As Ara Fidanyan informed, passports of old design were given to more than 3.199.000 persons, at present more than 2.386.000 are in force. It has been noted that sufficient time is necessary to pass into biometric passports.

The member of the RA NA Standing (Head) Committee on State and Legal Affairs Artur Davtyan presented the endorsement. He called on to vote for the initiative.

The draft law on Ratifying the Agreement on Cooperation in Fight against the Crimes in the Sphere of the Information Technologies of the CIS Participant States, which Ara Fidanyan also presented. The Agreement was signed in Dushanbe on 28 September 2018. Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan already ratified it. The goal of the Agreement is to create legal bases for the cooperation of the law enforcement bodies of the sides in the fight against crimes in the information technologies.

The deputy Armen Khachatryan voiced the endorsement of the NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security.

National Assembly Debates NA Draft Decision on Setting Number of Members of Inquiry Committee
During the October 26 regular sittings, the parliament debated the NA Draft Decision proposed by the NA Armenia and With Honor Factions on Setting the number of members of Inquiry Committee for Studying the Use of Funds Collected by the "Hayastan" All - Armenian Fund and Transferred to the State Bud...

Delegation Led by Alen Simonyan Meets with Chair of Cyprus-Armenia Inter-Parliamentary Committee on Cooperation
On October 26, the Delegation led by the RA National Assembly met with the Chair of Cyprus-Armenia Inter-Parliamentary Committee on Cooperation Harris Georgiades.At the meeting the political dialogue of high level between Armenia-Cyprus friendly countries was highlighted. The sides affirmed the prio...

RA NA Standing Committee Does Not Elect Deputy Chair Once Again
At October 26 extraordinary sitting moderated by the Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security Andranik Kocharyan, the item of the election of Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee was debated.The NA Armenia Faction again nominated Artur Ghazinyan’s candidacy. However, the oppos...

Delegation Led by RA NA President Meets with the Presidential Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus
On the final day of the official visit to Cyprus the Delegation led by the RA NA President met with the Presidential Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus Photis Photiou.Welcoming the guests, the Presidential Commissioner conveyed the best wishes from the President of Cyprus, expressing regret that...

Parliament Begins Work of Regular Sittings: Proposed Amendments to Law on RA Holidays and Memorial Days Debated
On October 26, the RA National Assembly began the work of the regular sittings. The Parliament affirmed the draft agendas of the sessions and the regular sittings and also adopted the NA draft decision on Holding an urgent debate on a topic presenting the public interest on the situation on the line...

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