Debate Term of Applications for Receiving RA Citizenship to be Set 90 Working Days Instead of 6 Months
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At the sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, the Deputy Head of the RA Police Ara Fidanyan presented for debate the draft law on Making Addenda and Amendments to the Law on RA Citizenship authored by the Government. As a result of the adoption of the bill, the full execution of the right for receiving the RA citizenship in the simplified order of the Armenians fixed by the RA Constitution will be ensured. The debate term of the applications for receiving citizenship, instead of 6 months setting 90 working days will be set. The person who received the RA citizenship, will have right for the first time to get document with the RA citizen’s passport, as an RA authorized body, as well as in case of applying to embassies and consulates functioning in the foreign states. The requirements of the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness will be decently ensured, the appearing of the person in a status not having citizenship by the former RA citizen, receiving from the other state’s citizenship after stopping the RA citizenship and the opportunity of remaining without a document not approved by a person for the execution of his/her rights will be excluded. During the administration being carried out in the relations of the person’s citizenship the problems generated in the legal use practice will be regulated.

During the debates the MPs touched upon the procedures of receiving citizenship of a foreign country, the simplification of the administration related to the citizenship, the implementation of the documentation turnover through electronic platforms, which would facilitate the citizens’ life.

In his co-report the Committee member Artur Davtyan introduced to endorse the draft law. He presented a proposal to organize a debate on some provisions from the first to the send reading.

As the Committee Chair Vladimir Vardanyan has clarified, the goal of the initiative is not to create a situation, losing the citizenship will not be able to obtain citizenship of other state.

As a result of voting, the draft law was endorsed.