Parliament Debates Issue of Electing Member of Corruption Prevention Commission
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At September 13 regular sitting, the National Assembly debated the issue of electing a member of the Corruption Prevention Commission.

The deputy of the NA Civil Contract Faction, the member of the Competition Council formed according to the Law on Corruption Prevention Commission Heriknaz Tigranyan informed that Mariam Galstyan was nominated as a candidate to be elected for the post of the member of the Corruption Prevention Commission. The Council announced a competition for that vacancy on 22 June 2021, and at the sitting held on September 3, the Competition Council recognized Mariam Galstyan the winner from two candidates.

Heriknaz Tigranyan presented the candidate’s biography and work experience. The candidate is a lawyer by profession, non-partisan, and her rich work activities has been mainly related to the development and implementation of anti-corruption strategies. Mariam Galstyan also lectures.

Mariam Galstyan thanked the Competition Council for nominating her as a candidate then presented her vision of an effective fight against corruption. According to her, the existence of political will and the change of the citizens’ way of thinking are very important factors to succeed on that issue. The candidate briefly referred to the successes registered in the sphere, also emphasized that in recent years, the citizens’ way of thinking directed to the fight against corruption was changed in a positive way. “Compromises are inadmissible in the fight against corruption, and through effective cooperation, anti-corruption bodies should show determination in eradicating corruption,” summarizing the speech, Mariam Galstyan noted.

In his speech, the NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan touched upon the importance of the fight against corruption and the necessity to increase the public knowledge on that issue, which, according to him, could prevent corruption phenomena. As the NA Vice President has observed, it is necessary to create new platforms, in which the citizens rejecting corruption will be formed.

The debate of the issue will continue on September 14.

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