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Ruben Rubinyan Elected Vice President of National Assembly
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On August 3, in the parliament during the debate of Ruben Rubinyan’s candidacy item in the post of the NA Vice President on behalf of the RA NA Armenia Faction Artsvik Minasyan touched upon the lexicon, the terms being used by the politicians and state officials, highlighting it especially in terms of ensuring the international right of the Republic of Armenia.

Speaking about the premiums, Artsvik Minasyan noted that the Faction would initiate a process of legal serious dispute in the Constitutional Court.

Artsvik Minasyan announced that the RA NA Armenia Faction would not take part in the voting.

In his final speech Ruben Rubinyan referred to Artsvik Minasyan’s observations.

After the voting the Chairman of the RA NA Counting Commission Narek Babayan stated that Ruben Rubinyan was elected RA NA Vice President with 70 votes in favour.

Extraordinary Speech by NA President Alen Simonyan
On August 3, in his extraordinary speech the NA President Alen Simonyan touched upon the information about the restrictions of the journalists’ move in parliament published in the last days in the press.The President of Parliament has informed that using the term ‘restriction’ is wrong because the i...

Speech by Candidate for NA Vice President Hakob Arshakyan
On August 3, during the first session of the NA eighth convocation, the item of electing NA Vice Presidents was debated. The deputy of the NA Civil Contract Faction Tsovinar Vardanyan presented the biographical data and activities of the candidate for the Vice President of the Parliament Hakob Arsha...

Speech by Candidate for NA Vice President Ruben Rubinyan
In his speech, he congratulated the Armenia and With Honor Factions on being present in parliament. “I am proud that the velvet revolution and already the second free and fair national elections followed by it have given an opportunity to both the power and the opposition to hold really political, c...

Parliament Debates Item of Electing RA NA Vice Presidents
At August 3 sitting, the parliament continued the works.The Secretary of the RA NA Armenia Faction Artsvik Minasyan stated that yesterday, the election of the RA NA President was held without the two candidates’ participation. Therefore, they consider that election illegal and will apply to the Con...

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