Amendments and Addenda to RA Administrative Procedure Code
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On July 30, the NA extraordinary session was convened by the MPs’ initiative. During the session, the draft law on Making Addenda and Amendment to the RA Administrative Procedure Code was debated in the second reading.

The key rapporteur, the RA Deputy Minister of Justice Vahe Danielyan presented the necessity of making amendments, noting that the bill was not changed after being adopted in the first reading.

At the suggestion of the executive body, the legality of the normative legal acts will be appealed in the Court of Appeal and will be examined by 5 judges.

According to the Deputy Minister of Justice, the initiative is based on the decision of the Constitutional Court.

The endorsement of the RA NA Standing (Head) Committee on State and Legal Affairs was presented by Artur Davtyan.

The parliament endorsed the debated item