Parliament of NA Seventh Convocation Convenes Last Extraordinary Session
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On July 30, the RA National Assembly convened extraordinary session at the deputies’ initiative, having on the agenda six legislative initiatives. The debate of the two legislative initiatives in the second reading included in the agenda will be carried out in the special procedure by the NA decision, after passing them in the first reading, during twenty-four hours.

During the exchange of ideas, the deputy of the NA Prosperous Armenia Faction Naira Zohrabyan reaffirmed her proposal addressed to the NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan to convene an urgent sitting after the end of the session and with the participation of the RA Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the head bodies of the RA Armed Forces to discuss the tense situation created on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. “Today, we need to get consolidated, our statehood and borders are endangered,” he underlined particularly. The MP expressed her condolence to the family members of the fallen servicemen.

The deputy of the NA My Step Faction Nazeli Baghdasaryan has also touched upon the border situation, which, according to her, concerns the RA all citizens. “The military-political leadership of Azerbaijan bears the whole responsibility of the situation, and it’s obvious that it deliberately escalates the situation, turning to provocative actions. All this violates the tripartite agreements, but the authorities of Armenia will take such steps which will ensure the peace and security in the region,” she said. Expressing her condolence to the close relatives of the fallen servicemen on behalf of the parliament, the MP urged the international structures to take distinct and practical steps. “We don’t have means of compensation in the issue of our territorial integrity,” Nazeli Baghdasaryan stressed