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Work of Regular Sittings Begins in the Legislative Body of the Country
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On November 17, the National Assembly began the work of the regular sittings.

At the beginning of the sitting, by the proposal of the NA Deputy Speaker Lena Nazaryan, the deputies paid their respects in one minute's silence the memory of the brave sons, martyred in the war unleashed on September 27.

Before approving the agendas, at the phase of exchange of ideas the representatives of the NA Prosperous Armenia and Bright Armenia factions touched upon the ways out of the post-war situation, the gaps allowed during the war, highlighted the implementation of the power shift in the country in the created situation. The members of the opposition factions demanded the resignations of the members of the RA Government members and the Prime Minister, underlining the necessity of the creation of the opportunity for the new negotiations. They reflected upon the atmosphere of hatred formed in the country and the voicing threats.

The representatives of My Step Faction have assured that nobody avoids responsibility for the defeat, clashes will not be in the Republic of Armenia, and the power has will of not yielding to provocations. It was noted that during the war, there had been no moment that had been possible to stop the war with better conditions, and it had not been done qualifying it as disinformation. The representatives of the faction called on for calmness and made a proposal to find the answers to the unsolved question on the political platform after the ceasefire and to reach the harmony of the inner-political field.

The Head of the NA Bright Armenia Faction Edmon Marukyan has noted that there are numerous unsolved problems, and the state bodies do not work. The Head of the Faction has informed that they propose to convene an extraordinary session at 18:30 for abolishing the martial law and turn to the possibility of the implementation of democratic processes.

Presenting the viewpoint of the NA Prosperous Armenia faction, Naira Zohrabyan opined that the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan should leave without any shock, and there should be a new negotiator. According to the MP, today the item of abolishing the martial law and dismissing the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

As the Head of the NA My Step Faction Lilit Makunts has assessed, everybody's super problem shall be the stabilisation, taking into consideration the fact that the tripartite statement is about the war ceasefire. ''Neither assuming power, nor remaining on power is a goal, and shall not be,'' the Head of the Faction said. According to Lilit Makunts, the changes and ways to be indicated with joint forces, first of all, shall to keep the country from the shocks and to ensure new perspective of the development.

In her extraordinary speech the RA NA Deputy Speaker Lena Nazaryan has underlined that nobody denies that first of all, the governing power bears the responsibility for what happened, it is not possible to avoid it, adding that there will be also conclusions. As the NA Deputy Speaker has assessed, this very responsibility has driven the RA Prime Minister to sign the tripartite statement, by which the lives of 25.000-30.000 military have been saved, Stepanakert has been saved, thus also Artsakh. Lena Nazaryan has considered unacceptable that what has happened is observed as a consequence of 2.5-year governing, and the Artsakh problem is made simple. ''This cannot be a consequence of policy of only two and a half years, even not only of 25 years, but also a consequence of regional and geopolitical moves, which shall be taken into consideration,'' the NA Deputy Speaker underlined.

The Secretary of the RA NA Prosperous Armenia Faction Arman Abovyan and the Secretary Bright Armenia Faction Gevorg Gorgisyan informed that the factions would not take part in the works of the regular sitting and proposed to join their initiative of convening an extraordinary sitting.

Afterwards the parliament by voting approved the agendas of the fifth session of NA seventh convocation and the regular sittings to be convened on November 17, after which the draft law on the RA State Budget for 2021.

The key rapporteur, the RA Minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan noted that the draft law was worked out before the launch of the military actions and presented it for debate in the established term and procedure.

The RA Minister of Finance touched upon the tax-budgetary policy, noted the negative influence on the state budget left from pandemic and war, reflected upon the factors that could have a positive impact on the economic growth.

The Chairman of the Central Bank (CB) Martin Galstyan presented the conclusion of the RA CB on the RA State Budget for 2021.

The Deputy Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs Artak Manukyan presented the endorsement of the Committee.

The Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security Andranik Kocharyan presented the endorsement of the Committee, particularly referring to the articles needing revision of the draft budget.

In his concluding speech the RA Minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan has underlined that the Government adopted the export, as well as economic policy aimed at the development of high technologies and industry, therefore an environment that will give an opportunity to involve investments.

The debate of the draft law on the RA State Budget for 2021 was interrupted for four days, and the deputies and the factions could submit the proposals within twenty-four hours.

At the last sitting of the day the deputies, in accordance with the constitutional law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly made announcements.

Sitting of NA Council Not Held
The extraordinary sitting of the NA Council was not held in the absence of a quorum....

NA Speaker’s Announcement on Resignation Letter of RA NA Deputy Gayane Abrahamyan
On November 17, pursuant to Article 155.1 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Gayane Abrahamyan submitted resignation letter. Pursuant to Article 155.2 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedu...

Ararat Mirzoyan’s Statement on Resignation of Member of the Public Services Regulatory Commission Mesrop Mesropyan
On November 16, in accordance with Article 147.1 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the member of the Public Services Regulatory Commission Mesrop Mesropyan submitted his resignation,” the statement by the RA NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan reads....

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