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Babken Tunyan Answers to the Questions of Economy and Anti-Crisis Measures
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On May 14, the Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Babken Tunyan answered to the questions concerning the economy and the anti-crisis measures more debated during recent period at the press conference.

The Committee Chair has noted that until now debates are held over the speech, which preceded the incident happened in the NA Session Hall on May 8.

According to him, motivation for debate has also been the sounded announcement that there are beneficiaries who have made use of the 9th measure, who have deposits in the banks. The speaker has noted that many people have fear that the banking secret is not protected, and some circles, making use of it, have created wrong impression.

Babken Tunyan has informed that the amount of everybody’s deposit, the flow of the accounts, and the amount of the loans is a secret, and nobody can have data on the person. He has added that the state bodies and the journalists can get brief data through questions.

The speaker has also noted that any bank can provide information about the quantity of the beneficiaries who have received aid, have deposits without presenting the flow of certain people’s accounts.

“That is a brief information, which is also issued by the Central Bank,” Babken Tunyan noted.

Touching upon his insulting voiced during his speech from the NA rostrum. He noted that they were not directed to the people, who did not have details and raised questions on banking secret, but it related to those who deliberately voiced accusations against the authorities.

Babken Tunyan also apologized the people, who thought those words were addressed to them.

“I simply could not insult our society,” he said.

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