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At Extraordinary Sitting of NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs
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On October 17, an extraordinary sitting of the RA NA Standing Committee moderated by Babken Tunyan was held.

Babken Tunyan has informed that the package of bills on Making Addenda to the law on State Support of the Investment Programme Implementation and on the Government Structure and Activity authored by the MPs of the Prosperous Armenia Faction Mikayel Melkumyan and Artyom Tsarukyan was debated at the previous sitting of the Committee, and the voting was moved to the next sitting due to some problems.

According to the Committee Chair, My Step Faction will vote for the initiative.

The revised draft law was not endorsed.

Speech by Lilit Makunts at the 141st Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly
Respectable Madam Chair, Esteemed colleagues and delegates, It is democracy that endows our governments with legitimacy and it is democracy that enables to have secure regions and safe neighbors. It is Armenia’s democratic credentials, our government’s and parliament’s credibility and legitimacy, an...

RA NA Two Standing Committees Convene Joint Sittings
On October 17, a joint sitting of the RA NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs and the RA NA Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment moderated by Mane Tandilyan and Varazdat Karapetyan was held.The representative ...

Work Order of Working Group on Tourism Adjunct to the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Approved
On October 17, the Working Group on Tourism adjunct to the RA NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs moderated by Hripsime Grigoryan held its first sitting. The NA deputy presented the work order of the Group, the process of work organization and the rights of the Group member. As Hripsime Grigor...

Bills on Military Service and Road Traffic Debated
On October 17, the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security moderated by Andranik Kocharyan debated the draft law on Making Addendum to the RA Law authored by the RA NA Bright Armenia was debated at the sitting.The NA deputies Gevorg Gorgisyan and Aren Mkrtchyan expressed viewpoints on the d...

Parliamentary Hearings to Be Held
On October 18 at 10am, in the RA NA Session Hall on the initiative of the President of the RA National Assembly parliamentary hearings under the theme “Constitutional Law on Parties, Existing Problems and the Framework of Amendments” will be held. The main goal of the hearings to present the problem...

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