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Works of OSCE Autumn Session Summed Up
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At October 10 conference, the Head of the RA NA delegation to OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Hayk Konjoryan presented details about the works of the OSCE PA Autumn Meeting held in the city of Marrakech, Morocco on October 4-6.

As the speaker assured, it was for the first time the works of the Assembly were organized in the African country under the title Mediterranean Forum.

The Armenian side actively took part in the discussions on the regional cooperation. The importance of the economy inclusion and the exclusion of discrimination in the economic relations were stressed. The special attitude towards those carrying out economic activity in the conflict zones was highlighted. It was also noted that those residing in those zones also should make use of the fundamental human rights in the OSCE Region.

Issues on environmental challenges were discussed. At the Standing Committee political speeches were delivered. The members of the Azerbaijani delegation again have made an attempt to present the NK problem in a distorted way, claiming that the Nagorno Karabakh is the inseparable part of Azerbaijan.

In response to the speeches, Hayk Konjoryan thoroughly presented the problem. He noted that the Nagorno Karabakh had never been in the neighbouring state, and the problem should be solved only by peaceful means within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group.

On the last day of the works discussions were held on the discrimination and intolerance in the OSCE Region. The Armenian side condemned the intolerance concerning the religion.

A number of meetings were also held with the representatives of the OSCE Member States.

The Head of the NA delegation discussed a series of issues with the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President George Tsereteli, including the visit of the Head of the organization to be paid to Yerevan in the near future.

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