A Number of Draft Laws on Legal Sphere Debated
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At October 8 extraordinary sitting moderated Vladimir Vardanyan, the RA NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs in the first reading debated the draft law on Making Addendum to the RA Criminal Procedure Code authored by the Government.

The RA Deputy Minister of Justice Anna Vardapetyan and the NA deputy Nora Arustamyan expressed viewpoints on the draft law.

The bill was endorsed for being included in the draft laws of the agendas of the session and the regular sittings.

The Committee members debated and endorsed a number of draft laws presented in the second reading.

The voting of the legislative package on Amending the RA Code on Administrative Infringements and on Making Addenda to the RA Administrative Procedure Code authored by the MP Nikolay Baghdasaryan will be held at the next sitting.