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Speech by the RA NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan in the Fourth Meeting of Speakers of the Eurasian Countries\' Parliaments
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Dear Mr Volodin, Dear Mr Moon Hee-sang, Dear Mr Nigmatulin, Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great honour to take part in the Fourth Meeting of Speakers of the Eurasian Countries' Parliaments. First of all, I would like to thank the heads of the parliaments of Russia and Korea for initiating the Meeting, as well as express my special thanks to Mr Nigmatulin, the Kazakh side for warm reception and traditional hospitality and for wonderful organizationof the event.

Dear Colleagues, this format is unique in numerous aspects: first with geographical position. This platform gives us an opportunity to discuss the perspectives of cooperation between the legislative bodies of greatest continent which in its turn promotes the successful development of the integration projects and the expansion of the trade-economic ties.

The history proves that the close cooperation and humanitarian relations serve as a basis of peace and progress for humanity.

I will not reveal a secret if I note that global challenges which exist in the whole world, as well as in the Eurasian territory. And the key of the solution of these problems is very simple, and at the same time, very complicated: dialogue, trust and partnership. This very resolution is the way to solve the problems to which we, Dear Colleagues, clash all together and, naturally, we can solve those problems only with joint efforts. The global policy is very like to the multi-lateral traffic of megapolis, and only the coordinated actions will allow the drivers avoid the car accidents and reach the destination without creating emergency situations for the passengers, as well as the other participants of this traffic.

I will not reveal one more secret, if I say that this decision was topical in all times. And in the history you can find projects of dialogue, trust and partnership, which before were providing the prosperity of the whole region. And I would like to mention the Great Silk Road as one of most vivid examples.

The Great Silk Road, being the historical-cultural heritage of the whole humanity, had an important role in the development of the economic ties between the countries and peoples of the West and East. The trade highways were crossed in the Armenian Highland, so consequently historically Armenia was one of the most important transit points of the Great Silk Road.

Today, it is necessary to raise the efficiency of the integration processes and boost the development of the relations. As a presiding country of the Eurasian Economic Union, Armenia attaches importance to the expansion of the external economic relations between the members of the organization, as well as other colleagues. Our priorities include the following spheres, as the energy industry, the separation of the Eurasian transport sub-structure, the development of the economy high technologies and the full implementation of the Union digital agenda, the provision of the financial sector growth and stability. Armenia makes efforts for effective completion of the negotiations with Singapore, Serbia, Egypt and India to reach more mutually beneficial economic platforms of cooperation. The agreements with Iran and China have already been ratified by the National Assembly of Armenia.

Dear Colleagues, in the globalization era the divisive lines and the close borders are inadmissible. The close borders, blockades are the problems of the whole Eurasian Region, as in the conditions of divisive lines full economic development, political and cultural dialogue is impossible. The free move of the means and the unfailing contacts are the most important conditions of the development of the modern economic and humanitarian relations.

The stable development of the Eurasian Region is possible only in the secure environment. The conflicts in the South Caucasus impede the development of the region. Armenia reaffirms its devotion to the exclusively peaceful settlement of Nagorno Karabakh in the format of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship. Any attempt of solving this conflict through military way is an encroachment for the human rights, democracy and peace. The issue of the status and security of Nagorno Karabakh, the respect of the undeniable right of the people’s secure and free existence are of prior importance.

Colleagues, today we attend the platform of the open discussion for equal dialogue. We want to enrich our experience and find more effective ways of cooperation. I am sure that this event will promote the strengthening of friendship for the welfare of the peoples of Eurasia.

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