Budgetary Allocations of National Security and State Protection Service for Coming Year
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At August 8 working sitting moderated by Andranik Kocharyan, the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security debated the financial allocations and budgetary programmes of the National Security Service (NSS) and the State Protection Service presented the RA state budget for 2020 in the preliminary version.

It has been noted that the main priority of the national security system development is to provide the continuous process of obtaining newest special technique, equipment, weapon and ammunition. The activation of timely disclosure and revelation of the crimes committed in the sphere of economy, including different manifestations of corruption and other phenomena impeding the development of the economy, the 24-hour control and protection of the state border and the implementation of other actions reserved by law.

The NSS Deputy Director Aram Hakobyan informed that 7 programmes would be implemented. In the near future a new border-guard gate would be built. The speaker presented the financial allocations of the State Protection Service for the next year.

The representatives of the RA NA Budget Office also took part in the working discussion. Clarifications were given on a number of issues concerning the sphere.