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Issues on Insurance System Discussed
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On July 31, the Deputy Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs Artak Manukyan jointly with the RA Central Bank held a working discussion on innovation solutions and the problems of the artificial intellect use in the sphere of the CMTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability Motor Insurance). The RA NA deputies, representatives from the RA Central Bank (CB), the NGOs and the Insurance Companies took part in the discussion.

The Deputy Chair of the RA Central Bank Nerses Yeritsyan presented the phases of the development of the CMTPL system sub-structure, noting that the CB, the Insurance Bureau of Armenia and the Bureau Veritas being involved with testing, inspection checking and certification services world organization jointly designed to create a national platform, where the whole information on the system would be focused.

The Deputy Chair of the RA Central Bank Vakhtang Abrahamyan, touching upon the functions of the national platform noting that the availability of the qualified information would guarantee the best result. In the course of time the system would be filled in also with the digital data. He highlighted the problem of the information security, characterizing it as a cornerstone of the project.

The Executive Director of the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Armenia Vahan Avetisyan presented the report on the theme The Principles of the Car Accident Registration in the RA and the opportunities of the artificial intellect use there.

Speaking about the activity of the Armenian Single Window for Automotive (ASWA) system activity, Vahan Avetisyan has stated that it provides the digital accounting, automation, the standardization of the data of the CMTPL processes and the effective cooperation between the participants. At the end of 2019 a module of the compensation organization is designed to input in the system. The opportunities of the artificial intellect use were also presented in the processes of the assessment of damages in the accident and making decision for the guilt.

According to the representative of the Bureau Veritas Oilivier Ciccolini, a launch of a number of projects concerning the system took place.

The participants exchanged thoughts over the issues of the accident registration, the compulsory motor insurance and the insurance illegalities, touched upon the legal gaps and the upcoming initiatives.

Budgetary Programmes and Financial Allocations of RA Police for Coming Year Discussed
On July 31, the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security moderated by Andranik Kocharyan discussed the budgetary programmes and the financial allocations of the police system designed by the basic financial document. The Deputy Head of the RA Police Vardan Movsisyan has noted that in consona...

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