Road Map of Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement Application Discussed
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On July 12, the RA NA Standing Committee on European Integration convened an extraordinary sitting moderated by Arman Yeghoyan to discuss the Road Map of Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement application.

Arman Yeghoyan underlined that the Committee members actively took part in the sittings of the Inter-Departmental Committee coordinating the events providing the application of the RA-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement document and the RA-EU Partnership priorities. According to him, in the last year a considerable work had been done in the Inter-Departmental Committee and today the Road Map is approved: there is the RA Prime Minister’s decision connected with it.

Summing up the works done, Mher Grigoryan has noted that in this phase the content of the Road Map has been made up, including it in the list of the events and spheres, which entered into force with the Agreement, they are: energy system, environment, transport, the climate change, the consumers’ protection, migration, fight against corruption, judicial reforms, strengthening of democracy, human rights (there is a part separately entered into force which relates to the trade and trade rules). The Deputy Prime Minister touched upon the further works, underlining that legal acts changing and filling in the standards concerning these spheres would be created.

The Deputy Prime Minister informed that 12 sittings of the Inter-Departmental Committee were convened, as a result of which the abovementioned Road Map was formed: it covers almost 70 per cent of the events connected with the integration processes. According to him, the Second Road Map also will be meaningful, but the considerable part of the events is summed up in this Map.

Speaking about the works being done in the next phase, Mher Grigoryan noted that with the Second Road Map they would touch upon the spheres of health care, education, social security and legal regulations would be designed.

The deputies' questions related to particularly the financing of the Agreement application, the format of the reforms, the implementation of the works aimed at the public awareness, the financing of the communities in calling into life the programmes of the sphere and other problems.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, everything was done to get harmonized the implementation process of the events stemming from the Road Map with the strategic works of our country. Mher Grigoryan assured that while compiling the document relevant steps had been taken for not being deviated from the schedule. The state budget, the donor allocations, the foreign loans and the EU support will be a source of financing for the fulfillment of the events related to the Road Map. Mher Grigoryan highlighted the role of those responsible for the sphere in the effective implementation of the full integration and reforms.

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