Students and Lecturers of Shirak Regional State College Visit Parliament
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On April 18, within the framework of the RA NA Open Lesson programme the students and lecturers of Shirak Regional State College visited the parliament.

The guests were in the NA Museum, took a tour in the parliament building, got acquainted with the parliamentary everyday life and observed the work of the ongoing regular sitting.

The RA NA deputy, the member of Bright Armenia Faction Sarik Minasyan met with them and held the Open Lesson.

The meeting went on in Q & A session format. The attendees voiced the issue of improving the road leading to the educational institution and the yard. The MP promised to be consistent and support the solution of the problem of the college yard improvement. The students were also interested in the problems of the education by correspondence, building shelter for wandering and stray animals and operating the customs office in Gyumri.

Sarik Minasyan has informed those present that in the near future it is designed to debate the amendments being proposed to the RA law on Fauna, by which an attempt is made to regulate the issues of protection of wandering and stray animals.

The participants have taken photo in the NA Session Hall.