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Students of Shirak State University Visit National Assembly
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On April 16, the students and lecturers of Shirak Mikayel Nalbandyan State University visited the parliament.

The guests observed the works of the regular sittings of the legislative body, and then met with the NA deputy and the Member of My Step Faction Edgar Arakelyan.

The traditional Open Lesson was held in Q & A format. The students were interested in the processes aimed at the development of the country. The MP highlighted the change of the way of thinking of the public and considered necessary the continuous improvement and the capabilities of overcoming the difficulties. He has noted that the government has a large scale programmes, and the ones directed to the development of the sphere of agriculture are part of it. Edgar Arakelyan also answered to the students’ questions concerning the reforms of the social and educational spheres.

Edgar Arakelyan urged the participants of the meeting to get qualified education and to become a best specialist in the chosen sphere.

The guests have been taken a photo in the Session Hall and then visited the NA Museum.

It is Proposed to Improve Planning and Execution of Community Budget Revenue Share
One year is set as calculating period of the real estate tax for the physical entities and organizations with current regulations. It is proposed with the designing amendments in the Tax Code to consider every reporting half-year a period for calculating the real estate tax for the legal persons. Le...

NA Standing Committee to Convene Extraordinary Sitting
On December 8 at 13:30, the NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs will convene an extraordinary sitting in the hall 114....

Amendments to Law on Remuneration of Persons Holding State Positions and State Service Positions
“The draft proposes to reduce the additional salary – the supplement and the bonus, of the persons holding the positions of the president, vice president and judge of the Constitutional Court by the amount of the increase in the basic salary,” the Head of the Civil Service Bureau of the Office of th...

Amendments and Addendum to the Law on RA Citizen’s Passport: Temporarily, Until January 1, 2024 Providing RA Citizens’ Biometric Passports to be Stopped
It is designed by the draft law on Identification Cards to extend the term of providing passports envisaged by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia N 821 of December 25, 1998 until December 25, 2023 and provide the identity cards until setting their description by the decision o...

New Disability Assessment Model Based on Multifaceted Assessment of Person’s Needs to Be Introduced
“The assessment of person’s functionality will be conducted for the first time from February 1, 2023 in the case of citizens who have applied for disability assessment, and there will be a medical-social examination in the case of re-examinations until December 31, 2023. In this logic, there is a ne...

Issue Debated at NA Sitting: The procedure for the selection of family doctor, therapist and pediatrician will be approved by the authorized body of the state administration in the field of healthcare
A number of sub-legislative legal regulations related to the field of the activity of the Ministry of Health were previously adopted due to the absence of an authorizing norm or the legal acts that were the basis for their adoption are no longer valid. So, it is necessary to make addenda to the Law ...

Issue of Election for SJC Member Debated: Parliament Begins Work of Regular Sittings
On December 6, the RA National Assembly began the work of the regular sittings. The parliament approved the agendas of the work of the regular sittings. Some drafts will be debated in the special procedure by the NA decision: the debate of them in the second reading will be held after passing them i...

On December 9 at 11:00 Extraordinary Sitting of the National Assembly to be Convened
By the decision of the NA President, under Article 100 of the RA Constitution and Article 41 of the Constitutional Law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly at the initiative of the Government on December 9 at 11:00, an extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly will be convened with t...

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