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Ara Babloyan Hosts Journalists Accredited in Parliament
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On January 11, on the occasion of the New Year and Holy Nativity the RA NA President Ara Babloyan hosted the representatives of media accredited in the legislative body.

The RA NA President congratulated the journalists on the New Year and Holy Nativity, wished them health, peace and new professional successes.

“According to tradition, on the first days of the beginning year the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia again hosts you in order to sum up the results of our joint work and touch up the further works to be done.

The year 2018 was a rather hard year for the whole country and, naturally for the parliament. I thank all of you for operatively and unbiased covering of the events. I am sure that due to full awareness of our society we avoided the further heated situation and we could move the problems to the field of the parliamentary debates and find the path of dialogue and right solutions inside these walls,” the NA President Ara Babloyan underlined.

The Head of the parliament thanked the journalists accredited in the National Assembly for covering at high level the works of the legislative body of Armenia.

“Often indicating different problems demanding urgent solution, as if, you became our assistants and advisers. That is the vocation of the journalists: to perceive in a right way the phenomena existing in all spheres of state and public life, the tendencies of their development and fulfill a role of the peculiar system of early announcement.

Half joking, half seriously I would like to make a personal observation. By my profession the doctors and journalists are like colleagues. One of the main principles of medicine is the following: to diagnose, only after that interfere, as without right diagnosing we’ll have relevant, maybe harmful interference. I would like you to faithfully apply this principle in journalism.

I wish everybody to cooperate with the same professionalism with the newly elected parliament during the year 2019,” Ara Babloyan said.

The RA NA President also addressed his words of appreciation to the Staff of the National Assembly and especially all the employees of the Media and Public Relations Department, noting that despite the short activity of the National Assembly of the sixth convocation, during that period it was possible to provide best working conditions for the journalists in the parliament. He expressed hope that the newly elected parliament would continue that process.

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