President of RA National Assembly Ara Babloyan Received in Artsakh Parliament
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On January 2, the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia (RA) Ara Babloyan, who arrived in Stepanakert on a working visit, was received in the National Assembly of the Artsakh Republic (AR).

After the tête-à-tête talk between the RA NA President Ara Babloyan and the AR NA the meeting continued in an extended staff with the participation of the heads of the AR NA Factions.

Congratulating Ara Babloyan on the occasion of being awarded by Mesrop Mashtots Order by the AR President for the services rendered to the country, Ashot Ghulyan underlined his evident contribution to the active cooperation of the two parliaments and making audible the voice of Artsakh on the international platforms. We’ll remind that this award is the second state award of the Artsakh Republic for Ara Babloyan. The Head of the AR Parliament expressed conviction that Ara Babloyan’s connection with Artsakh would also be continuous after the completion of the authorities.

Expressing his gratitude for the reception, Ara Babloyan noted: “As being elected President of the RA Parliament I arrived on a working visit in Stepanakert, so today, on the threshold of the completion of my powers, I visit Artsakh.” The Head of the RA Parliament also talked about the readiness of conveying to his colleagues of the new formed parliament the experience and skills, underscoring the importance of cooperating of the two parliaments and jointly working in the issues of state significance.

Congratulating the Head of the RA Parliament, the Heads of the AR NA Factions also highly assessed the AR-RA inter-parliamentary cooperation, distinguishing Ara Babloyan’s great devotion and the huge work in that issue.