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PABSEC General Assembly 52nd Plenary Session Ends Its Work
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On November 28, the works of the 52nd Plenary Session of the PABSEC General Assembly continued.

At the beginning of the sitting on the occasion of National Day of Albania the PABSEC President, the RA NA President Ara Babloyan congratulated the delegation of Albania and the whole Albanian people, wishing them peace and prosperity.

Ara Babloyan has informed that the next, 53rd Plenary Session of the PABSEC General Assembly will be held in Baku in June 2019.

At the sitting by the rotation order the PABSEC Presidency was transferred to Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan.

The Head of the Azerbaijani Delegation to the PABSEC Eldar Guliyev thanked the PABSEC President, the RA NA President Ara Babloyan for organizing the works of the Assembly at high level.

Ara Babloyan delivered a final speech at the PABSEC 52nd General Assembly:

“Dear colleagues, concluding the work of the 52nd Plenary Session of PABSEC General Assembly, which is held in the hard economic and political situation of the world and also in our region, I would like once again thank all national delegations for active participation in the work of the Assembly, as well as for the great contribution in the success of our meeting.

During these days a wide scope of items was discussed. We reaffirmed the important role of the parliaments in the development of the regional economic cooperation.

I am sure that during the effective debates the voiced opinions and recommendations will be taken into consideration in the further work of the Assembly. And the practical and constructive atmosphere of debates will rule in the Assembly also in the future.

I believe that the Session was effective and fruitful in deepening of cooperation between our parliaments.

I am sure that the Armenian delegation will also have great contribution to the work of the Parliamentary Assembly and will continue the close cooperation between the RA National Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly and the parliaments of PABSEC Member States.

Let me also express my satisfaction relating to the recommendations adopted in the “Development and Support of the Small Business Enterprises in the BSEC Member States,”“Current and Future Perspectives in the Development of Tourism in the BSEC Region,”and the “Role of Trade Unions in Strengthening Economic Cooperation in the BSEC Region.”

I am sure that the further discussions of the topical issues will be possible in the spirit of constructive dialogue, without relevant politicization. I am sure that such discussions will create favourable conditions and opportunities for unexcited, full, effective cooperation and free communication between the parliamentarians.

Today, the Presidency of Armenia to PABSEC ends, and according to the principle of rotation it passes to the parliament of Azerbaijan.

We hope that the Presidency of Azerbaijan to PABSEC will successfully go on and will continue the process of reaching the goals and problems of the Black Sea economic cooperation.

I am convinced that by joint efforts and by the full use of the PABSEC potential it is possible to reach a lot for the benefit of the Black Sea Region and all the peoples residing there.

Highlighting the national parliaments as a basis of democracy, I would like to underline that only through cooperation and joint actions we can reach the goals of the PABSEC.

We are obliged to show sufficient will in implementing joint actions despite our disagreements and get united for the solution of the problems and implementing the possibilities, as well as discussing prior problems, which demand joint solutions and unity of efforts for building better future for our peoples.

Let me once again thank all of you for taking part in the 52nd Plenary Session of the PABSEC General Assembly. I declare the Plenary Session closed. I would like to wish everybody great successes and the best, as well as safe return to your motherland.”

The 52nd Plenary Session of the PABSEC General Assembly ended its work.

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