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Parliament Approves RA Government Programme
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On June 7, by the decision of the RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan, under Article 100 of the RA Constitution and Article 41 of the RA Constitutional Law Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly , on the initiative of the RA Government an extraordinary sitting of the RA National Assembly was convened to debate the item on Approving the Government Programme .

First, the RA NA Speaker has informed that the CEC has presented a protocol, according to which, the mandate of the member who was elected NA Member through ARF party national electoral list and suspended earlier the authorities is provided to the next candidate of the electoral list Spartak Seyranyan. Under Part 4 of Article 33 of the RA Constitutional Law the NA Rules of Procedure , the RA NA newly Member has sworn in.

The RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented the RA Government programme.

According to the speaker, one of the key goals of the Government activities is the affirmation of the non violent, velvet, people’s revolution values occurred in Armenia in April-May, 2018 as a basis of public and national relations and implementation of revolution ideas as a permanent political reality.

The Prime Minister touched upon the guideline problems of the Government activities. Those are: the formation of the power exclusively through the people’s free will expression, the national unity based on everybody’s equality before the rule of law and the law and the civil solidarity.

Nikol Pashinyan has noted that practically the most important problem is the holding of the extraordinary parliamentary elections in Armenia, which will be held within one year: this schedule will give an opportunity to the people, the citizens to have been informed choice being based on the results of the government and ruling wing activities.

The RA Prime Minister has underlined that the young people who return to the motherland to serve in the army, even if they are in search, they will not be prosecuted. He underscored that the military-industrial complex of Armenia will be re-operated, Armenia-Azerbaijan violated military balance will be restored.

Practical steps will be taken to eliminate the artificial economic monopolies, providing investment favourable environment. According to the speaker different international organizations, partner states expressed readiness to seriously support Armenia.

Nikol Pashinyan stressed that the key goal of the economic policy would be the opening of the new jobs, the increase of the salaries and pensions, the poverty reduction and overcoming, the continuous rise of the people’s welfare level.

Regarding the foreign policy the Prime Minister reaffirmed that Armenia would continue to remain an EEU and CSTO member.

Highlighting the development of the strategic-ally relations with the Russian Federation in the most different spheres Nikol Pashinyan underlined that Armenia-Russia relations should be based on the readiness of solving the problems of friendship, legal equality through joint efforts.

The Government is aimed at deepening the cooperation with the U.S. and European countries. Efforts will be made to develop special relations with Iran, Georgia and China.

The RA Prime Minister has announced that the negotiations of Nagorno Karabakh issue settlement cannot be considered full and effective, as one of the full parties of the conflict, Artsakh does not take part in them.

According to the speaker, efforts will be made on the Armenian Genocide international recognition.

The RA Prime Minister emphasized the establishment of the public solidarity, underlining the disclosure of 1 March 2008 murders from the most important problems of the current period.

The next most important challenge is the situation in the mining sphere, as the citizens of Armenia have concerns.

The existence of the independent judicial system is of cornerstone importance, and huge work should be done for reaching positive result.

Nikol Pashinyan also referred to the problem of organizing repatriation, noting that the best potential of Diaspora can be involved in the state government of Armenia.

“We have found the undeniable resolution for reaching success: that is the faith towards our own people, motherland and the selfless feeling of serving to them. Nothing and nobody can stop us on making Armenia free, powerful and happy state. We have succeeded and we’ll succeed because we have the most important thing: the people’s trust towards their own forces, power. We’ve taken a step to make the unimaginable and impossible a reality and we’ll steadily walk on that path with confidence, we’ll walk till the end...,” Nikol Pashinyan concluded.

The RA Prime Minister answered the MPs’ questions, which related to the armed forces, armament, the basic directions adopted in the foreign policy, the systemized change of the National Security Service, demography, the schedule of the extraordinary parliamentary elections, the expecting amendments to the Electoral Code, the rise of the salaries, pensions, allowances, the works being done in shadow reduction, health care, the power tariff policy and other spheres.

The RA NA Deputy Speakers Eduard Sharmazanov, Mikayel Melkumyan, Arpine Hovhannisyan, the NA members Naira Zohrabyan, Spartak Seyranyan, Ruzanna Arakelyan, Gevorg Petrosyan, Aram Sargsyan, Armenuhi Kyureghyan, Hermine Naghdalyan, Gagik Minasyan, Ararat Zurabyan, Hovik Aghazaryan, Vahe Enfiajyan, Hayk Konjoryan, Edmon Marukyan expressed their viewpoints on the Government programme.

Armen Rustamyan presented the viewpoint of the RA NA ARF Faction, Naira Zohrabyan presented the viewpoint of the RA NA Tsarukyan faction and Vahram Baghdasaryan voiced the viewpoint of the RA NA RPA Faction.

Under the RA Constitutional Law NA Rules of Procedure, the RA First Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan delivered an extraordinary speech, noting that the government would present terms of the implementation of actions and events stemming from the programme.

In his final speech the RA Prime Minister touched upon some criticism on the form and the content of the programme and presented clarifications.

“This is a programme for having a country of dreams. We say with this programme that we have returned to the RA citizens the right of dreaming and fulfilling the dreams. This is the most important side of the activity of our government,” Nikol Pashinyan underlined.

The National Assembly approved the RA Government programme with 62 for and 39 against votes.

The RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan congratulated the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan for the adoption of the programme and expressed hope that the provisions voiced in his speech and enshrined in the programme will become reality.

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