Eduard Sharmazanov: Norat Ter-Grigoryants’ Contribution to the Creation of Armenian Army is Undeniable
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On February 28, the RA NA Vice President Eduard Sharmazanov received the President of the International NGO National Congress of Western Armenians, Hero of Artsakh Freedom Fighting, General-Lieutenant Norat Ter-Grigoryants and the Vice President of the NGO Karen Mikayelyan.

The RA NA Vice President highlighted the mission of the organization in the implementation of the national goals. “Your contribution to the creation of the Armenian Army is undeniable,” he said to Norat Ter-Grigoryants.

Eduard Sharmazanov highly assessed the level of the Armenian-Russian ally relations, evaluating the effective use of the Armenian Diaspora potential in further strengthening of bilateral ties.

Touching upon the denial policy being implemented by the Turkish authorities, the NA Vice President underlined that that state had not changed its behaviour after one century.

“The genocide perpetrated towards the Armenian people is a crime against mankind, it has no limitation term. We will continue to fight for justice,” Eduard Sharmazanov said, adding that there is no justice without condemnation. In this context he highlighted Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora unity.

The RA NA Vice President also touched upon the NK problem settlement. In his word, the Artsakh issue is the Artsakh manifestation of the Artsakh cause. He has documented that the pan-Turkish policy pursued by the authorities of Turkey and Azerbaijan the main threat of the region.

The guests have presented the goals and programmes of the organization which are related to the protection of the interests and rights of the Western Armenians, the heirs of the Ottoman Empire former Armenian citizens.

Norat Ter-Grigoryants especially underlined Eduard Sharmazanov's efforts aimed at the development and deepening of the Armenian-Russian relations. He expressed his gratitude to the RA Parliament for adopting the RA NA Statement on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Sumgait crime.

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