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With the Aim of Strengthening the Armenian-Syrian Friendship

On February 22 Mr. Tigran Torosyan, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, received Mr. Mamoun Hariri, newly appointed Charge d’Affaires of the Syrian Arab Republic to Armenia.

Issues of the development of the mutual relations between two countries were discussed during the meeting. Mr. Hariri noted that usually the diplomats meet some difficulties in the new place but he, thanks to the close contacts with the Syrian Armenians, feels comfortable in Armenia. His task will be to develop the Syrian-Armenian relations. As Mr. Hariri assessed, both countries have high level of political relations with which the economic and cultural links should be complied. He wished successes in the parliamentary elections, noting, that the parliamentary as well as presidential elections will be also held in Syria, and it is very important, that parliamentary friendship groups will be set up in both countries after the elections. Mr. Hariri also noted that the session of the Armenian-Syrian inter-governmental commission will be held in March, contributing to the development of the relations between two countries.

Mr. Tigran Torosyan, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, expressed confidence that whatever happens and what kind of political forces will enter in parliament and form the majority, Armenian-Syrian parliamentary friendship group will be necessarily set up, as the political forces are changeable but the friendship is permanent. Mr. Torosyan touched upon the historical friendship of two peoples, which is the real proof of the fact that the religious differences do not define peoples’ relations. The NA President expressed confidence, that the decisions made at the session of the inter-governmental commission will promote to overcome some difficulties of the development of the economic relations (for example, transport problems), as the displays of bilateral good will exist. Mr. Torosyan noted that in Syria there is an Armenian community, which has been formed from our compatriots who from the threat of death found a refuge in Syria, and it became one of the reasons that they are faithful and adherent to law citizens of this country. The NA President expressed readiness to assist Mr. Mamoun Hariri, Charge d’Affaires of the Syrian Arab Republic to Armenia, in his mission expressing confidence that his activity will be productive and will assist to the deepening of the friendship and cooperation as well as to the strengthening of effective inter-parliamentary relations between two countries.

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