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Birth date
"Rule of Law" Party /RLP/
"Rule of Law" Faction  

Khachik Petrosyan was born on November 1, 1974 in Sevan.

Mr. Petrosyan graduated with a degree in economics and management from Moscow State University in 2001.

From 1993-1995 he was a commercial deputy director in the State Retail Trade Firm # 11 in Sevan. From 1997-1998 he was first the manager and later head of the Receptions House Food Unit under the RA Government Staff. From 1998-2003 he was first the deputy head and later head of the Plane Services General Department of Haykakan Aviaoughiner CJSC under the General Department of the RA Civil Aviation. He was also the head of Special Aviation Safety Services at Zvartnots International Airport, manager of the Commercial Service and Consumer Service in Haykakan Aviaoughiner CJSC.

From 2003-2007 he was a deputy in the NA (electoral district #33). He was a member of the NA Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs. He was a member of the "Rule of Law" Faction.

On May 12, 2007 he was elected as a deputy of the National Assembly by the proportional system from the "Rule of Law" Party.

Mr. Petrosyan is married and has one child.

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