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Victor Dallakyan was born on March 1, 1958 in Vanadzor (Kirovakan).

Mr. Dallakyan received his degree in history from Yerevan State University in 1980 and his law degree from Yerevan State University in 1996. He is a Historical Sciences PhD.

He started his career as a senior laboratory specialist in the Institute of History under the Armenia Academy of Sciences in 1981. From 1987-1995 he worked as a junĀ­ior scientific associate, scientific associate and senior scientific associate.

1995-1999 was his first term as a deputy of the NA (electoral district # 61), where he served on the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, first as a member and later as chairman of that committee. He was a first a member of the Reforms Deputy Group amd later Yerkrapah Deputy Group.

1999-2003 was his second term as a deputy in the NA (electoral district # 47) where he served first as a member, later as a deputy chairman and in then as the chairman of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs. He was a member of the Unity Faction.

From 2001-2003 he was the head of the Armenian delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and also the deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly.

On May 25, 2003 he was reelected to the NA from electoral district # 36 and he currently serves on the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs. Till 28 August, 2006 he was the Secretary of the Justice Faction. Currently he is not a member of any faction or deputy group. He has no political party affiliation.

Mr. Dallakyan is married and has two children.