Alen Simonyan
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Born on January 5, 1980 in Yerevan.

2000 - 2002 - Served in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.

2000 - Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University. Lawyer:

2015 - Master’s Degree of the Faculty of the Political Science of NAS of the Republic of Armenia. Political scientist.

2002 - 2003 - Assistant to the Chairman of the Court of the First Instance of Ajapnyak and Davitashen Communities, Secretary of the Office.

2003 - 2004 - Converse Bank, Human Resources Manager.

2004 - 2010 - Founder and owner of the “Sicilia mafia” open club.

2006 - 2007- Author of “Radio FM” radio station, host of the radio programs “Felichita” and “It Can’t Be True.”

2008 - Participated in “PR and Political Technologies” training courses organized by the European Education & Research Center.

2007-2012 - Music producer, TV5 TV Company - director-producer of serials, broadcaster, Yerkir Media TV Company - broadcaster, “Armenia” TV Company - an actor.Producer of a number of musical, political, pre-election video clips, a linear producer of “Ala Ba lan Nica” fiction film.

2011 - Director of “No Comment” performance.

2012 - 2018 - Editor-in-Chief of “Ararat” magazine.

2013 - 2018 - Editor-in-chief and founder of Ararat Media Group LLC ( web site and “Ararat” magazine).

1995 - 1996 - Champion of the UEFA Armenian League.

2011 - Participated in the Yerevan City Council elections by the list of “Hello Yerevan” alliance.

2013 - One of the organizers of the “Car free” civil protest against the rise in prices for transportation.

2013 - 2015 - Member of the “Civil Treaty” public-political union management board.

May 30, 2015 - Elected; On October 30, 2016 - Re-elected member of the “Civil Contract” party Board.

2015 - Speaker of the “Civil Contract” party.

2017 - 2018 - Member of the Council of Elders in Yerevan in the composition of “Way Out” alliance.

May 16, 2018 - Elected Member of the National Assembly by the national electoral list of the “Way Out” alliance of parties.

Author of a number of journalistic articles.

Married, with two children.