Sedrak Saroyan
Birth date

Born on September 3, 1967 in the village of Haykashen in Echmiadzin region

1993 - Passed the higher academic courses of the RA Defense Ministry, in 1996 - academic courses of the Land troops of Greece, 2001 - academic courses of the Military Academy of the Chief Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

2006 - Graduated from the Military Academy of the Chief Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the R F with a specialty “Military Security of the State.”

1985 - 1987 - Served in the Soviet Army. He is one of the active participants of Karabakh movement.

1989 - Created a volunteer detachment, defended the frontier regions of Armenia, fought for the liberation of Artsakh. The detachment functioning under his command, later “Artsvik -10” battalion and operative group participated in the liberation battles of Kelbajar, Ghubatli and Zangelan.

1993 - 2007 - Commander of the regiment, brigade, 2nd and 4th corps of the army.

2000 - Granted title of General - Mayor.

By the President of the Republic of Armenia he was awarded the RA Medal For Valour (1994,) Military Cross 2nd rank medal (1996,) 1st rank medal For the Service to the Fatherland (2006.) Marshal Baghramian (1997,) Drastamat Kanayan (2002) medals of the Defense Ministry, 1st and 2nd rank medals for Unimpeachable Service (2003, 2004.)

2007 - 2012 - Deputy of the National Assembly (electoral district #19.) Member of the Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs of the National Assembly.

May 6, 2012 - Elected Deputy of the National Assembly from the electoral district #19.

Married, with two children.