Committee on Inquiry Committee for Studying the legality validity and reliability of financial and other reports submitted to the bodies of executive power and adopted by them in the framework of investment programs in the area of industrial metal mining
Spheres of activities:

Contains 11 deputies
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Faction
Bagratyan Sergey
(Committee Chair)
097 Not included in faction
Davoyan Arpine
075 "My step"
Gevorgyan Gor
033 "My step"
Hovsepyan Sofia
082 "My step"
Karapetyan Varazdat
070 "My step"
Khachatryan Arkadi
116 "Bright Armenia"
Madatyan Hrant
107 "Prosperous Armenia"
Mikayelyan Sasun
077 "My step"
Samsonyan Ani
117 "Bright Armenia"
Tunyan Babken
034 "My step"
Zohrabyan Naira
114 "Prosperous Armenia"