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Galust Sahakyan’s Congratulatory Address on the 25th Anniversary of Independence of Nagorno Karabakh Republic
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“Dear compatriots,

I congratulate you on the 25th Anniversary of Independence of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic .

A quarter century was a real trial period not only for Artsakh, but also for the whole Armenian people, a period of restoration of justice, fulfillment of dreams, and trial for the spirit of victory. Together we proved that before being written on a parchment or a paper, history had been created as a reality, as a material page of a people’s struggle, and then only it became chronology and assessment. 25 years ago the NK people with its cohesive expression of will documented that independence never asks for convenient time, nor it can be outdated, and that the sincere carving to live in sovereignty can’t be left hanging in the air, even in case they try to destroy it by force. It managed to turn the idea into reality, the aspiration – into victory, as a result of the struggle for freedom, declaring the Independent Republic of Nagorno Karabakh.  

Already 25-year-old NKR is a country which has formed the tradition of continuous ideas and nonstop victories. No one casts doubt on its vitality and love of freedom any more not only in our region, but also within the widest international scope and geographical areas. The NKR was established not only contrary to some countries’ efforts and activities, but as a life and undeniable proof of vitality and truth of the principle of self-determination of nations; as a proof of unfading nature of the historical justice which has been being assaulted consistently also by military force so far. But those are initially failed and doomed efforts since Artsakh people’s tenacious willpower is prior. They have the unwavering confidence that the irreversible decision adopted 25 years ago is the only way to live safely and truly develop. 

Alongside with today’s congratulations I wish you peace, welfare and belief full of optimism.”,- reads the NA Speaker’s address.  

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