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Address by RA NA President Alen Simonyan on the Republic Day
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Dear compatriots,

May 28, 1918 was the victorious decision of the Armenian’s non-repulsive and collective will, boundless patriotism and unitedly fighting against the situation. Saradarabat, Bash-Aparan heroic battles were immortalized as pages written with golden letters of our people, as brilliant examples of unreserved fight for independence.

Due to the people coming to senses from the massacre, the persistent fight of the stateless people for many centuries, their unbreakable devotion and absolute faith, it was succeeded to change the status of the country and be proclaimed as an independent Republic. And despite the fact that the First Republic of Armenia was short-term, but it was an irreversible reality with respect to the fulfilled dream, the dignified citizen and combined miracle.

The First Republic left us a history about the right to voting, legal equality and a modern parliament with national minorities and female deputies. Our grandfathers succeeded to capitalize the feat of the young people leaving for the front from the hungry and exhausted families, creating statehood.

The heroism of the past is our heritage, our character and genetic code. Congratulations on First Republic Day.

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