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Congratulatory Address by RA NA President Ara Babloyan on National Holiday of France
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“Today, on July 14, our friendly France celebrates its national holiday. It has long ago become not only a holiday of a state, but also has become a day with new meaning and mystery for other numerous nations. 14 July 1789, when in France and Europe the spirit of freedom was hovering, has been of unique importance for the development of public, cultural, political and state way of thinking.

The Great French Revolution and its adhered all-human values drew the route, by which France passed and paved a path for many and many peoples.

It also left a unique trace in almost all spheres of culture of the Armenian people that stood up for freedom. And with huge power of art generations were brought up, and the result of the fighting became the restoration of the independent statehood.

The Armenian political thought always preserved affinity to the ideas declared by the French Great revolution. One of its best reflections is the reality that in autumn of this year Armenia will host the participants of the 17th Summit of the International Organisation of La Francophonie and will preside over this authoritative organisation for two years.

I am hopeful that the Summit to be convened under the auspice of the Biblical Ararat will become a message for the peoples adhering to the same ideas, confronting together all challenges arising on the soil of national and religious hatred, which have become number one threat for many regions of the world. And it will be consonant with the slogan ‘Live Together’ of the Summit.

I congratulate on behalf of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia and personally me the friendly people of France on the occasion of their national holiday and wish them happiness, stable development and new successes,” the RA NA President’s congratulatory address reads.

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