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Dear friend,

You are on the official website of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, the highest representative body of the Republic of Armenia.

The National Assembly is formed exclusively through the expression of the free will of our citizens. The parliament is one of the symbols of the statehood of Armenia, the embodiment of many years' aspirations of the Armenian people. The mission of the legislature is to form the key guidelines for ensuring the productivity of the vital activity of the society.

One of the main goals of the National Assembly is to ensure the state-society bilateral communication, which is of paramount importance for the continuous development of our nation and strengthening its place and role in the world. Parliament is widely involved in the activity of establishing public and political decisions.

The official website of the National Assembly has a rich information base. With an accessible and simple structure, you can easily navigate here, find the information you need, and gain a vast store of knowledge.

We wish you a productive work.

Welcome to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.


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Students and Lecturers of Hovhannes Toumanian Vanadzor State University Visit National Assembly
It was the regular cognitive visit within the framework of the Open Lesson programme. On January18, the guests of parliament were the students and lec...
Proposed Addendum to RA Civil Code Debated in Second Reading
On January 18, chaired by Vladimir Vardanyan, the extraordinary sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs was held. The draft la...
Central Bank Should Be One of World Leaders in Field of Monetary Policy: Candidate for Deputy Governor of Central Bank
On January 18, the National Assembly continued the work of the regular sittings. The deputies passed the legislative initiatives debated on the previo...
Proposed Amendments and Addenda to Ensure Effective Conduct of Judicial Review of Cases
On January 17, at the RA NA regular sitting, the package of laws on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Constitutional Law Judicial Code of the Repub...
It is Proposed to Create Civil and Administrative Chambers by Legislative Regulation
At January 17 sitting, the parliament in the first reading debated the legislative package on Making Amendments and Addendum to the Constitutional Law...
A Number of Draft Laws Debated in Second Reading
At January 17 NA sitting, the deputies debated in the second reading the bills on Making Amendment and Addenda to the RA Law on Road Transport, on Non...
Pupils of Elementary Classes of Private Schools Also to Be Provided Free Textbooks by State
The state provides free textbooks at the expense of the state budget the pupils from the first to the fourth classes only the state schools by the law...
Addenda to Law on Education
At January 17 NA regular sitting, the draft law on Making Addenda to the Law on Education authored by the deputies of the Civil Contract Faction Sisak...
Students and Teachers of Hrazdan Levon Khechoyan School Visit National Assembly
On January 17, within the framework of the Open Lesson programme, the parliament again opened its doors. The guests of the day were the students and t...
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