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Dear friend,

You are on the official website of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, the highest representative body of the Republic of Armenia.

The National Assembly is formed exclusively through the expression of the free will of our citizens. The parliament is one of the symbols of the statehood of Armenia, the embodiment of many years' aspirations of the Armenian people. The mission of the legislature is to form the key guidelines for ensuring the productivity of the vital activity of the society.

One of the main goals of the National Assembly is to ensure the state-society bilateral communication, which is of paramount importance for the continuous development of our nation and strengthening its place and role in the world. Parliament is widely involved in the activity of establishing public and political decisions.

The official website of the National Assembly has a rich information base. With an accessible and simple structure, you can easily navigate here, find the information you need, and gain a vast store of knowledge.

We wish you a productive work.

Welcome to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.


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Hakob Arshakyan Takes Part in State Funeral Ceremony of Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe
On September 27, the Vice President of the RA National Assembly Hakob Arshakyan took part in the state funeral ceremony of the former Prime Minister o...
Committee Debates and Adopts a Number of Amendments Being Proposed in Labor Code
It is proposed relevant legislative amendment, as a result of which the availability of the authorizing distinct norm established by the law for makin...
Davit Khachatryan: In the near future, a care allowance will be assigned to a parent who is registered at the address of the place of residence in the Republic of Armenia and takes care of a child up to 2 years old, regardless of the place of registration and the fact of being an employee
According to the RA Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Davit Khachatryan, it is proposed to assign a care allowance to a parent who is regist...
Alen Simonyan Receives Delegation Led by Gilbert-Luc Devinaz
On September 27, the RA NA President Alen Simonyan received the delegation led by the Head of the Friendship Group France-Armenia of the Senate of Fra...
NA Standing Committees to Convene Sittings
The sitting of the Standing Committee on Labor and Social Affairs will take place on September 27, at 12:00, in the hall 214.On September 26, at 15:00...
Problems of Media Are at the Core of Discussions
After the war the problems of the media field are perceived in another way because we consider as a priority the war and post-war problems: the Chair ...
RA NA President’s Statement on Nomination of Candidates for Members of Supreme Judicial Council
In accordance with Article 144.2 of the constitutional law the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the Civil Contract Faction of the National...
Accessible and Affordable Educational Institutions: RA Draft Education Development Strategy 2030
“In a changing world, knowledge and creativity have become a guarantee of human capital development, economic and cultural sustainable progress. This ...
Vahan Naribekyan Receives Delegation of the Hellenic Parliament
We are always ready to host the delegation of the Hellenic Parliament, to discuss issues regarding the deepening of cooperation between the Staffs of ...
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